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Two Official Templates to download?


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Hi guys,


on DCS's main page under downloads, you can find PSD templates files for almost every jet.

I was looking for the F18 livery and I have noticed that there are two versions to download.



One with 2 PSD files and another with 6+ PSD files.

Following tutorials, they all use the one that has 2 PSDs.

Which was easy to set up and works perfectly in DCS/Modelviewer



BUT then, I've downloaded the other one which contains the 6+ PSDs and they look nice (higher res?).



So, my question is, how do I actually use them so they work in DCS? How do I setup the .lua file for it?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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This is a template for the model F/A-18C lot 20. Use this template to create skin for F/A-18C lot 20 model. This model is used in the module DCS: F/A-18C Hornet




This is a template for an old model F/A-18C



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