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NEW Multi-crew bugs


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1. Sound and Rotor Bug:

There is no engine sound on the co-pilot's place and the rotors do not turn.


2. RWR and cockpit displays

RWR not visible to co-pilots

partial synchronization problem with the artificial horizon and various switches and lamps

such as: Weapon panel, no display of the shot readiness and switch for the autopilot constantly moves up and down,

Flag in gyroscope visible for co-pilot, though turned on by pilot.


and many more problems ...


So multi - crew is not fun ... :cry:


many Greetings


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my DCS World - Ka50 Pit Project: :pilotfly:


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@Oldcooltronix Kind reminder that there is a dedicated bug section here just two more clicks further. I know it might seem to be more visible where you posted it, but the bug section is there for a reason; one comprehensive place for the devs and everyone else to check which bugs have been reported and whether theres a dev response/acknowledgement.

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That is in the SA342M forum. What if the variant is other than the M?

In this case, it affects to all the models, so can be included there. In any case, the M forum was created when that was the only model, so they never did updated the name.


If any moderator could change this post to the correct one. Thanks! :music_whistling:

Chinook lover - Rober -

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