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Is it possible to override reflMult reflAdd specMult specAdd per livery?


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For models that do not support an external specular map, the per-model global simple reflection/specular values stored in model.edm.json are the only way to affect their lighting


"fuz-nose-steel": {
  "reflMult": 1.0,
  "reflAdd": 0.20000000298023223877,
  "specMult": 0.0,
  "specAdd": 0.50400000810623168945,
  "specSelect": 0,
  "albedoLevel": 0.0,
  "albedoContrast": 0.89999997615814208984


Is it possible to override these values in a single livery skin while leaving the defaults for all other skins? Maybe placing some file in that livery directory or adding content to description.lua (like where the skin is defined)

{"fuz-nose-steel", 0, "SU39-fuz-nose-steel-PAINT6-DEF-01", false}

I'd like to change the shinyness of a custom skin without having to mod the DCS installation itself

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