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How to recon with your Hornet?


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I am not fully aware of all the functionalities this airplane currently has (or will have in following updates). So I would like to know how you guys use the Hornet for reconnaissance assuming that the spawning locations of ground target is randomized (which should be doable using MOOSE in the mission editor for example).

So assume that you are flying 200 feet above the ground and then find certain tanks or structures. Then how can you get their coordinates? Is there a way to simply look at them in order to pinpoint their coordinates?


Also I wonder how some people are able to identify targets or even their types so quickly like you can see in one of those

. I often suck at spotting ground targets. Maybe it has something to do with the big distance between me and my screen (I am usually almost 2 meters away from my screen). Or maybe I am doing something wrong not paying attention to some important things.


Feel free to also talk about other recon related stuff, if you know something interesting. Like for instance how recon missions in real life are working for Hornet pilots. Or how to to interpret the informations on your radar to understand which types of contacts you are encountering, if that is possible.

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Im no expert on the hornet but from what I know for that kind of functionality we will need the targeting pod. Maybe there is a way to get the coordinates of the waypoint designate marker.


As for the radar, right now all we have is rws so you can get some information like range and closure rate if you pay attention to how far it moves in between sweeps, soon we will get the ability to id our targets like in the f15 but everything so far is very basic, we are just now starting to see more functionality but don't expect much more for a while.




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Should be able to set a Markpoint or TOO as you over fly the tgts. I haven't read that far ahead yet and may or may not be implemented.


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It's all about Terrain Appreciation and Map Reading Skills


Learning to look at a map and compare it to what you're seeing out the clear part and developing coordinates as well as being able to describe the terrain, water and cultural features is an integral part of the training of any combat aviator.


Spot a tank on the ground? Was it near a road? Was that road near a river? Were there train tracks? Power lines? Was it near a town? In a field between two towns? How was the town oriented? In a valley running east to west?


Take a jet up and fly around. Pick out things and use the F10 map to determine the location. Get good at it. You'll thank yourself later because it's a skillset that's worth it's weight in gold.


The TGP will be great but there are things you can do that are actually faster. Use your eyes and use your brain.




And before you fly, have a plan. "Patrol Route S10 between Tskhinvali and Gori." The mission briefing should give you an idea of where to start looking...if not, open it up in the ME and look where the spawn points are, then pick one or two. If you're just galavanting around the countryside, you're not accomplishing much. Some flights, you might find nothing. That's pretty realistic.


There's a lot of info out there about Operation ALLIED FORCE, which was mostly this kind of mission (SCAR).

Very Respectfully,

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