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X51 Squadron - Recruiting Heuy pilots for Display Team


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If you missed my more generic post a few weeks ago, X51 Squadron is a growing international community with a strong presence in DCS and we're always looking for more members. We made our debut on the Aerobatics scene with a 6-ship Harrier display at VUAF last month!



This recruitment pitch is much more specific, as we have ambitious plans to create more air display teams.



Are you a Huey pilot with a penchant for stunts and want to join a fully fledged display team, with the opportunity to fly live at future virtual air show events?



Drop in to our discord and say "hi"!








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=X51= Squadron is recruiting!

X51 website: https://x51squadron.com/

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/d9JtFY4

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