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Casual Flyers - light attack aircraft group


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Hello pilots. I am guessing that by now you noticed that you just can't hop in your light attack airplane (make that 3rd gen or older :) go on regular big servers and expect to be competitive. Usualy nowdays in DCS it is obvious domination of 4th generation of airplanes. That is why I started Casual Flyers group.



We are here using only 3rd gen aircraft or older ones (Albatros, Aerojet, Mig-15, Viggen, F-5). We also fly helicopters too (Huey, MI 8, Gazelle and KA 50) since they are also almost non existent in regular servers.


Idea behind our group is in casual flying but with challenge if one so wants and enough stuff to do when you just feel like flying.


Big news is that we now running our server 24/7 for members. Server is privately hosted in USA and we are starting to get more pilots other side of Atlantic. On it we for now run custom mission, which is work in progress. theme is as always LA planes, helos and new addition are cold war planes (MIG 21, Viggen and F-5).


I must note here that this is loosely organized group and we do not have any special requirements apart group rules which are just common sense ones anyway. You are totally free to be in dozen of other groups aswell, hop in as you see fit and go out as you see fit. No obligations of any kind and there will be no removing members due to inactivity. But I would like to have chat with interested pilots on voice before you get accepted as member. Only time that someone might get banned is when rules are seriously disobeyed.



If you find that this might be for you, please hop in our discord chat:







See you!


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I am thinking to make a kind of "semi permanent server" if that makes any sense. Game would be hosted at afternoon hours couple of times a week up to say midnight for public use.Since I don't have much experience with that I wanted to also ask if there is (besides LA pilots) good and experienced mission maker that would be willing to join me on our discord for short tutorial on switches and triggers, so i could make more interesting missions for that "server". I am guessing that it won't be overly capable since I need to host game on my PC and I could use some experience thoughts there too if there is any.



Thank you

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Have you considered Mig-15 & Sabre? Might fit in your scenarios too. I threw the same kind of stuff into a coop mission with ww2 equipment. No Ka-50 though and gazelle models were limited.


Sounds interesting - there are some MP missions which use the trainers as well, but more low intensity setups are welcome. Might drop by some day.

SA-342 Ka-50 Mi-8 AJS-37 F-18 M2000C AV-8B-N/A Mig-15bis CA --- How to learn DCS

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We expanded our planes list so we can have added fun and now we also fly, SU-27, Harrier and Viggen. Our default practise mission is also expanded so you have several attack areas depending on type of planes you wanna choose.

See you in game and




Casual Flyers wish you Happy New Year!




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The server is an edited version of The Battle for Georgia. 3rd Generation fighters, Mig21 and F-5E as well as ground attack planes such as the Viggen, C-101, Albatros, SU25. Helis: Huey, KA50, MI8 and the Gazelle. Lots of ground battle, heli missions (sling, rescue, troop drops, ground attack). I am probably forgetting others ;)


Did I mention opposing fleets?! YES Shoot the ship with your friends in a Casual manner :D

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