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I'm revisiting my controllers; with the new layout I have more switches (well over 100) and axis (27 at last count) than you really need for this beast, but I've noticed some strangness in the controls configuration. For example, Field Bypass, Launch Bar, and Fuel Dump are all enable/disable. There's no breakout for enable, enable/disable, disable, so my lovely switches might as well be pushbuttons.


For the RALT control there are CW and CCW switch settings, but no axis. Come on, you have an axis for suit temperature (which is critical sitting here in my office), but not RALT? There are even axis defined for the vent louvers (Really? Does aircraft performance suffer when the pilot gets hypothermic, or hyperthermic, which is more common it seems). Where is the relief tube control, by the way?


Things like ECM are just missing (my plane captain still hasn't forgiven me for that game of poker he lost), but...work in progress.


Anyway, when you have a moment and aren't working on something else...say, three AM next Tuesday, please take a look.



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