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This is a request that pops quite regulary: "Please ED, add this airport to that map".


I don't know if they were left out in order to save performances or man hours or both but a solution to this would be to expand the current "improvised airfield" object into an airport builder.

While would just be a nice feature currently, it will become a much necessary one once we get the world map.



As of right now this airport builder could just be a fleshed out version of the "improvised airfield" object, working pretty much the same way but allowing some customization. i.e:

- Being able to chose the runway textures (none-grass-sand-concrete)

- Taxiway (no-left side only-right side only-both side)


- Ramp (small-medium-large)



This could be based on a "predefined" layout. You wouldn't get to decide exactly where you want the ramp. It would always be at the same distance from the runway and you'd use a slider to move it where you want along the lenght of the runway.

Same for the taxiway, you'd chose between direct (just a strip of concrete linking to the runway) or parallel (spanning along the entire lenght of the runway with multiple entrance/exit)



Then you'd have a new type of static objects at your disposal: airport buildings.

When placed near a custom airport these objects would "unlock" features, much like the support vehicles for the farp. Fuel tank, weapon storage, hangar and ATC tower.



It would also be nice if those custom airfields could overwrite pre-existing airfield too. Allowing us to modernize the Normandy map or create a more accurate representation of them (removing the hardened shelter at Sochi)



And finally it would be nice to be able to just erase existing airfields. Allowing us to create a pre-invasion Normandy map for example.



EDIT: is it me or every time you press "enter" once it's as if you had pressed twice, creating a "double space"?

Was it a request from some higher ups at ED? ;)

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I am all for ideas that enhance missions and mission builders tool sets. Dont know enough about VHF/UHF or whatever the thing that goes ping to tell you where an airfield is though, might be an issue.



It could come into its own if a blank map could be created so mission builders can raise elevation, add towns and airports.

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This is all cool and dandy and I like it and would like to see some sort of this feature, but there are a lot of other stuff, which would be better for ua to get first. One major Mission Editor thing being the slots and spawn location methods



Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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Since we can't talk about other sims on here, here's some clues...


There was a certain simulation years ago with a F-15E strike eagle as the plane of choice, endorsed by a company with a female name, rhymes with plain.


That had the ability to drop airfields where you wanted them, it worked quite well, something similar would be good for DCS.

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