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Nosewheel steering gain does not work when flaps are down


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MiG-29. The Nose Wheel Steering HI and LO modes. The LO mode (8 degrees) used for takeoff and landing. HI mode (31 degrees) used for taxi and can be engaged by holding the LALT-Q combo provided Flaps are Up.


To whom it may concern,

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I'm also glad to see that ED has added some little details in the MiG-29 cockpit :


1.When NWS is activated, you can now see the "Lock-on" button on the throttle is pushed.


2. The Inlet Ramp indicator shows the dorsal grills open / inlet door closes when RPM reaches 35% during each engine's start-up. When the right engine reaches its 60% RPM, it switches off a red caution light at the back for low oil presure (?).


3. The QFE knob on Russian FC3 planes are now working, it is nice to be able to calibrate our barometric altimeters before take-off and landing according to ATC's instructions.


4. The knob for landing and taxi light switch is now moving.


5. The knob for nevigation lights is animated, strob and formation lights come next ?


6. I also hope to see that the buttons for drag chute release in both MiG-29 and Su-27SK/J-11A will be soon animted. BTW, how to make sure the drag chute is out ? Any feed-back on the lights? Right now we only get a caution light on when Su-27 dumps the chute (not when it is first released. And MiG-29 has no feed-back at all ).


Please keep up your good work, ED/BST :-) !

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