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AI Salvo Placement


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When using the Attack Unit/Group/Map Object tasks, AI will aim to put the first bomb of a salvo on target. If the first bomb misses, all the remaining bombs of the salvo miss too.


When using the Bombing task, AI will aim to put the center bomb on the target point, bracketing it with the salvo. This is the correct way to aim bombs.


Apparently the capability for AI to bracket a target with multiple bombs exists as displayed be the Bombing task. Apparently, the Attack Unit/Group/Map Object tasks are set up incorrectly. These should bracket their target too.


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  • ED Team

Hi Mbot


please attach the track replay and we can check the same setup as you


thank you


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This continues to be an issue.

-CAS Task, Dive Attack: first bomb in salvo on target (incorrect)

-Ground Attack Task, Level Attack: middle bomb in salvo on target (correct)

-Ground Attack Task, Dive Attack: last bomb in salvo on target (incorrect)

All salvos should be aimed to center on the target point.

Sample mission attached.


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