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AutoPilot stuck ON


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I'm getting some weird responses from my TM Warthog HOTAS and would appreciate any suggestions. Note ...TM HOTAS works perfectly with A-10C.


1) This is not consistent which is more puzzling...Shortly after takeoff (after gear & flaps up) I select A/P > ATTH and climb at about 7°, no problem. But when I reach altitude and and disengage A/P with HOTAS stick pinkylever, the A/P > ATTH 'colon' signal goes off but I'm still 'stuck' climbing. I have to break that lock by yanking the stick but it's still 'stuck' at various attitudes. THis only occurs with A/P > ATTH


2) I have COM 1 (RAlt+\) assigned to HOTAS Throttle BTN4 (Forward) but it results in some external view at the airport, even though I have no 'Views' assign to either HOTAS device.


Can anyone advise, appreciate the help

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I was having similar issues last night when taxiing to the runway, suddenly the aircraft would veer left as though someone was putting input into the pedals, It even did it when I was was completely hands off


Thanks Specter


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