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DCS-Bios, BB64 ... any help ?


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Hi cockpit experts !



I'm a little bit lost between the different solutions we have to build a cockpit.



I just would like to build a F18 UFC, with some buttons (push, 2,3 positions, and rotary for comm).



Maybe later I would like to add the digits behind.



What are pros/cons of different ways ? which one is the best for what I have to do ?



Thanks a lot !

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I only really know DCS-BIOS but from what you are looking for, with getting feedback (digits behind) you will need to use DCS-BIOS.


It looks scary at first but once you get into it you really will be able to do so much.



Will I be able with DCS bios to have digits behind UFC without using DCS view export like for helios ?




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If you decide to go with DCS BIOS, you should read the users guide located...




Ian, the author of DCS BIOS, has a few videos located in the first couple of pages in this thread...




John W

aka WarHog.


My Cockpit Build Pictures...

John Wall


My Arduino Sketches ... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-Dc0Wd9C5l3uY-cPj1iQD3iAEHY6EuHg?usp=sharing



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