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Hawk and 2.5.4


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On 9/11/2021 at 4:04 PM, [WF]-Templar said:


Mate - take my advice - grab the T-45 mod for free.  It is far better than the old VEAO HAWK in just about everyway.  The T-45 essentially (cutting a long explanation short) is an American carrier capable BAE Hawk - for us............... it essentially looks the same and in DCS world brings a wider employment variation.  

As for the Harrier, there are plenty of good UK skins mate.

O7 - fellow brit.



Thanks!  Yep, I know about the skins, already got some.  Just have to pretend it's a GR9... 🙂

Funnily enough, I had a freeware Goshawk for FSX a few years ago, which looked and flew fantastically well. I'll look into it.

Cheers ears.

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