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would i fit into any of the following jets?

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hello ppl,


just completed my graduation and now im free at home with nothing to do all day, so i do a lot of useless thinking nowadays...and one major concern that has popped up in my mind is, recently i applied for the indian air force and my interview date will be coming some time in oct for the jan08 course.


i have a tall structure just under 6'5" weighing 80-82 kgs and a shoe size 11uk that would be size 12 us, leg length somewhere around 110 cms.

in the ad they mentioned a minimum height of 152 cms nd a leg lenght between 100 and 120 cms....120 cms??? that wud be way to tall dont u think?


now where do i get the standards for heigth and leg lengths for various aircrafts like the il76,an32,su30,mig29,mig21,mirage 2000,jaguar.

how do i make sure that i'll fit into them?


oh nd pls feel free to slap me if i sound stupid :)


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6'5" is pretty tall, you should be proud of your height, but going into any fighters (su30,mig29,mig21,mirage 2000,jaguar) is probably not a wise decision. An ideal pilot for pulling high G's would be kind of a short/fat guy with slightly high blood pressure IIRC. For a tall guy, i think you might black out more easy. So my advice would be to stick with the larger jets.


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Su-30 pit is pretty big. Your slightly taller than me, and I feel cramped inside an F-16 pit (because I have been sit in there), though I would barely be inside the AF's limits, I guess with the falnker you will be a bit more at ease.


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by bigger u mean transports right? ... ive been inside an an-32 and wow was it small ! ..i mean the navigator seat looked like it was made for a 10yr old.


about the g...yea im aware short guys pulling more g's is obvious but good health an some strong abdominal muscles also go a long way in making sure ur blood stays where its suppose to.


oh and did i mention im a footballer..play for my college team and health wise i c no problems but yea height sure seems to get in2 the way.


too bad they dont allow you to customize ur jets..ha ha imagine ejecting sofas and recliners!


do you guys personally know any tall pilots?


oh and check out the russian adventure sites that allow joy rides in the mig 29's and the sukhois they mention a max height of 6'9...wow!


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Height, Weight and Health are very important when being considered for a combat aviation slot... Air forces around the world have different standards so this post is not intended to be a matter of fact.


First you have to check your country's Air force regs and Med reqs.


When being "fitted" to a type. Many factors such torso and leg length are very important.


If you are over 6 feet tall and you carry your height in your torso.. the Head clearance between your head and canopy is critical.


If you carry your height in your legs then leg clearance is critical. You don’t want your body in contact with items in the cockpit.


If you are wider you don’t want you arms hitting the rails…




Fat with High Blood pressure will get you fitted to the Met Office or some other desk job in flight operations here in the states. Make no mistake, you can have a little extra chunk on you… but it has to be with in the BMI regs.


Also here in the states… BMI (Body Mass Index) is a VERY important consideration for a combat aviation slot.


Just remember that the goal is to have you survive ejection. If your legs are too long they may make contact with the jet when you egress via the hot rocket!!


If you are too heavy you may break your back during the rocket motor burn...

Factors like that...


You can size out that's for sure. High Blood pressure will ground you!


Women have the best body types of fighters.... Smaller Lighter and Feistier!!


So if you are a bigger / taller then avg guy. Check with your flying force. Talk to the squadron’s flight doctor. They have all the regs as well and other information including things that can be waived.


If you want to fly… there is nothing you can do about height… but there is plenty you can do about weight if that’s a problem..


Good Luck!


My mission is to fly, fight, and win. o-:|:-o What I do is sometimes get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie sausage roll.

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