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MB-339A/PAN by Frecce Tricolori Virtuali (ONLY COMPATIBLE with DCS World 2.5.6)


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NOTE: this mod is no longer supported by developers.

Compatibile with DCS World 2.5.6.

Any alteration of the original Mod V2.0.1 is not authorized.

This MOD used on current DCS World version will cause CTD.





After one year from our first release, we are finally back with a big news and a big improvement for our special aircraft: finally, we are going to issue a new major release which includes several new features and we are sure you will enjoy them.


We would like to highlight that this is a work made not by DCS official developers, thus all the information used for the creation of this aircraft, such as data, technologies and any other instrument used to do this release are found in forums and modding community.


Further, all information on the aircraft are from public domain and/or the result of studies and surveys on the real aircraft.


To reach an improved level of realism, we started again the development from scratch. Even if still not perfect, we continue working day-by-day to create a virtual aircraft “as real as it gets”.


With this release, we want to focus on the Flight Model. We spent last months to rewrite it from scratch. In fact we changed from the Standard Flight Model (SFM) of current version, which was based on tables of values, to a more organic External Flight Model (EFM), which is still based on table of values, but interpreted by C++ code, customized for this specific aircraft.


With this change we reached a great result in terms of in-flight and on ground behaviour. Our aircraft now allows you to fly all the real MB339 envelope, such as not conventional flight manoeuvres (spin, autorotation, stall, etc.), especially thanks to the support of real pilots which provided us precious information about the aircraft handling qualities and tested it to provide us important feedback based on their experience on the real one.


Moreover, there will be periodical updates to implement other features like, for example, aircraft systems.



NOTICE: This MOD used on current DCS World version will cause CTD. Install at your own risk.

Version 2.0.1 of the MB-339 is available here.


Paint kit for texture artists is available here.





Let’s talk now about the exciting new features of this release 2.0:


1. New C++ EFM, which includes the following features:

  • Adverse yaw
  • Stall and spin
  • The weapons release affects the flight dynamics
  • The payload drag is based on the “Drag Index” information reported on the MB339 performance manual
  • Ground effect during take-off and landing
  • The compressibility effects acts on the aerodynamic data
  • Buffeting due to stall and due to high speed (Mach > 0.78 )
  • Pitching moment and cockpit shaking due to extension of speed brake, gear and flaps
  • Enhanced rolling friction based on the real MB339 take off times
  • Implemented anti-skid
  • Multi crew feature (currently without systems synchronization)
  • The engine performances are based on the data of the real Viper 632-43 (thrust, fuel consumption, exhaust gas temperature)

2. 3D external model and textures:

  • New details added such as:
- Access steps
- Landing light
- Landing gear hydraulic hoses
- Tires deformation due to aircraft weight
- New 3D pilot model
- Fences and antennas fixeare now correctly d on the 3D model
  • New high definition liveries:
- 2x armada (Killmark and Yellow Strips)
- 2x camo (Day Glo and without)
- light gray
- 2x “Marlboro” (S-001 and SVBIA)
- Emirates
- Malaysia
- 1x 313° G.A.A. Frecce Tricolori (PAN – Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale)

3. Miscellaneous:

  • New ejection seat 3D model
  • Real MB339 landing gear warning sound
  • Possibility to switch from front to back seat in single player
  • New high definition cockpit textures
  • Working airspeed indicator with mach meter and maximum speed arrow

4. Bug fix:

  • Nuclear explosion after aircraft ground impact
  • Removed unused commands on the options menu
  • Gunsight test animation
  • Corrected slip ball behaviour
  • Corrected the operations of the airspeed indicator under 50 kts
  • G-meter now shows correct values
  • Vertical speed indicator now shows correct values
  • Gunsight's click points are removed when it is not present

5. Other:

  • English flight manual (the Italian version is no longer maintained)
  • Quick Missions
  • A dedicated mission for "Armada" MB-339

6. Planned future works (brand new C++ implementation)

  • Electrical system with working circuit breakers
  • Fuel system with fuel dump
  • Environmental control system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Navigation system
  • Minor systems
  • Damage model and failures
  • In-flight engine relight and engine shut down due to negative G
  • Random failures


v2.0.1 changelog:

The following bugs have been fixed

1. Beacon doesn't work

2. Fuel gauge PYL indication doesn't show actual value

3. Rotation flood and console knobs is inverted

4. The parking brake deactivates while pushing toe brakes

5. Navigation lights on eliptical tip tanks are not visible

6. Gunsight reticle illumination too low

7. TrackIR doesn't work

8. Unused commands are still present in controls list

9. Canopy lock texture (red mark) missed

10. The aircraft doen't lost energy during high-G turns (G > 6.0)

11. Engine compressor texture is not mapped

12. Sync issue related to tip tanks position in multiplayer

13. Landing light animation in multiplayer doesn't work

14. Flight controls operation while using keyboard input is too slow

15. Kneeboard doesn't close (the pages doen't change yet, it will be fixed)

16. MB-339 sounds replace the sounds of other DCS Modules


The following features have been added:

1. Added zoom axis

2. Added force feedback feature

3. Engine shutdown deceleration improved

4. Idle RPM are now affected by Mach Number and Altitude

5. Improvements of external and internal texture/3D model

6. Added training missions with the voice of a real pilot of Frecce Tricolori

7. Added new instant actions

8. Added new mission

9. Added instruments and console lights

10. Added shutdown engine due to negative G flight (longer than 25 seconds)

11. Added new commands into controls list

12. Improved sunspension behavior




People who worked on this mod (since the beginning of this project):

• Camillo Perinciolo (3D model and project focal point)

• Luca Cirillo (3D model)

• Lorenzo Venturi (Textures)

• Luca Viero (3D model)

• Michele Benini (Textures)

• Fabio Grasso (Textures, installer, mod structure)

• Roberto Scolari (SFM, C++ systems, lua systems)

• Alvio Costantini (C++ contributor)

• Erik Dattilo (C++ systems)

• Giuseppe Didiano (SFM, EFM, System contributor, Manual)

• Roberta Unida (Manual)

• Roberto Petrizzo (SFM, EFM contributor)

• Francesco Brunetti (SFM, EFM contributor)

• Luca Sodano (Sounds)

• Ian Hargreaves (Manual – English version)

• Stefano Moretti (Instant actions, Missions, Training Missions)


Special thanks:

A special thank to Sidney “Tango” Christen of the Virtual PC-7 Team, who helped and supported us from the beginning of this project.


Another thank to Silent Eagle, who helped us to understand the suspensions logic for EFM.


Furthermore, we want to say thank you to Angelo M., who wrote a wonderful article on “Rivista Aeronautica” (the official Italian Air Force magazine) about our MOD and our Virtual Team.


A special thank also to Giacomo A. and Sandro S., MB-339 pilots, who tested our MOD paying particular attention to the flight model and providing us precious information about the aircraft in-flight behaviours.


We want to say thank you also to Gianluigi Zanovello (ex commander of Frecce Tricolori), Stefano Bernardini (ex Engineer of Aermacchi) and Cesare D’Eredità (ex instructor of MB339 for Italian Air Force) for their special words about our team and our aircraft.


Last but not least, another special thank to the Sim Skunk Works and Dino Cattaneo (owner of IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations) for their support in a difficult moment.


Special reviews about our aircraft and team:

«If someone asked me for an opinion on PC flight simulators a few years ago, I probably would have replied that it was a child's game, that, even if sophisticated, was still very far from reality. Now, after trying to fly with the Frecce Tricolori Virtuali...well, I think it differently. Assuming that actual flight is always unique and unrepeatable, flying the 339 PAN on DCS, especially with VR glasses, is something that absolutely comes closest to reality.

Details inside and outside, definition, qualities of flight, concrete sensations you live (apart from the G force) are incredibly faithful and conform to what you experiences when flying "live". Finally, flying with these FTV boys, it recalled me a déjà-vu I had almost forgotten.

I found myself a newbie. The classic novice who jumps up and down to be in formation, while the others around stand still and steady in position. After 10 years in the PAN and 2 in the Experimental Flight Department I never thought it could happen. Good job, guys.》

Gianluigi Zanovello, pony 2/4/7/1 and commander of real Frecce Tricolori from 1984 to 1994


«In the last 20 years of professional activity, first in Aermacchi and then at the European Agency for Air Safety, I was able to evaluate flight simulators of military and civil aircraft designed and built by almost all the major suppliers.

When I met the Team of Frecce Tricolori Virtuali I would never have believed that flying with a MB339 PAN simulator, designed and built, let me tell you, in an "artisan" way, would have given me sensations almost similar to those I felt the first time I flew on a Jet aircraft. Undoubtedly, detaching the wheels from the runway and hovering in the air is an experience that probably no simulator will be able to give you.

However, VR glasses use drags you into a reality very similar to the one you live in the cockpit of an MB339. You turn left and see an aircraft in the wing or extending the landing gear and seeing the MB339 lever lowering with the light indicating the correct sequence...All of these will lead you into a "virtual world" that, when I started flying with the P66 over 40 years ago, I never thought it could exist.

In addition to your professionalism and passion for what you are doing, I was also able to appreciate your continuous search to improve. The questions that were asked to me and the subsequent exchange of information with your "gracious engineer" dealing with propulsion, showed me your "thirst for knowledge" and "curiosity" which are the basic elements of every successful program.

I hope to meet you again and have a new flight experience simulated with you.》

Eng. Stefano Bernardini - Aermacchi


«I get in touch with your simulators during the Verona modelling fair. I did it with great discretion; without telling you I was one who had spent three years on the 339 as an instructor in the Air Force. I felt a little embarrassed ... I was perhaps afraid of disappointing your expectations and maybe disfiguring at the controls after a long time, even if in a "virtual" world.

So to break the ice I came back with reinforcements, former soldiers too, real important people: my friends Gigi Zanovello and Stefano Bernardini.

This was a fantastic experience ... you welcomed us with great enthusiasm and an extraordinary passion. The work you did in that virtual world is incredible ... it brought me back to when I was "Bianco 38" and to the flips in the Salento sky at the controls of a wonderful machine.

But for me, the most beautiful thing, let me repeat it, is the amount of enthusiasm and pure aeronautical passion that surrounds everyone coming close to your group and that made me feel again the atmosphere I lived as an instructor in Galatina among so many guys who were finally realizing their dream.

Keep it up!»

Cesare D'Eredità – ex instructor of MB339


Many thanks to MagzTV for the amazing video review below!





















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Thanks to all the team that gave us one of the most accurate mod available here.

The first italian plane here is a great milestone, and only a well prepared team like yours could reach it.

I'm sure that with this new version the plane will be a true state of art.

As an Italian, i'm very proud of you!

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IndiaFoxtEcho Textures Artist


My DCS liveries on UserFiles page here

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Great news! Thanks for your work! :thumbup:

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Outstanding job to the team :smartass::thumbup:


God bless you all.





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Best compliments to all this awesome dev. team, you really deserved all the success you're earning from your valuable initiative.

Just as an Italian, it's a little pity that we won't get an Italian manual any longer... but I can realize and admit it's a fair choice at the same time, considered that English is the standard aviation language, and DCS is a standard international flight simulation as well.

So, all the best to you, Gentlemen.

With best wishes and respectful regards.

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Thanks to all the team for this beautiful mod.

As an Italian, i'm even more proud of it.

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Note to forum moderators,

shouldn't this be "stickyed" also, as the original version is, please? :)


Thanks Frecce Tricolori Virtuali, amazing work! :thumbup:

Could you create an English version of your website, please?

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