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17th Virtual Fighter Squadron Forming


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The Eagles Nest is forming two groups to fly as attack squadrons in online events. These are the 75th-VFS "Tiger Sharks" and the 17th-VFS "Hooters".


The 75th-VFS will be the A-10 component of our attack group. The 75th currently flies the A-10 out of Moody, GA, USA.


The 17th-VFS will be the F-16 component. We will fly the F-16 in the air-to-mud role.


The 17th FS has a long and storied history. "The responsibility of the 17th was close air support, air interdiction, suppression of enemy air defenses and armed reconnaissance to support worldwide contingencies. For this mission the squadron was eventually equipped with Block 50 aircraft and the AGM-45 Shrike anti-radiation missile. This was one of a few units within the USAF that flew with this missile."


If interested shoot me a message on the Discord. (See signature).



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Gentlemen, our ranks are growing. We run weekly missions and utilize a 24/7 training server.


We have the technology for AWACS controllers, JTACs, and of course, pilots.


The 17th is currently flying the FA-18C in anticipation of the Block 50 F-16 delivery later this year.


The 75th is operational with the A-10C.


All interested airmen should see us on the Discord and come fly. The server is open daily.


TACVIEW is operational on the server side meaning you can disable TACVIEW recording on your own system. Squadron members receive a link to their own ACMI folder on the server. We have the technology for group ACMI review as well.



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