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Polychop Simulations OH-58D Kiowa

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11 hours ago, armsupwithlawrence said:

An M134 would be cool and realistic for the Plattform. If not for the US army one but who cares. Liveries can do the rest. Here in Austria we are using the kiowa with an m134 minigun on the left side.


That's an A/C not a D.

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34 minutes ago, NeedzWD40 said:

Tunisia added it as an option for the OH-58Ds they bought: https://www.dsca.mil/press-media/major-arms-sales/tunisia-oh-58d-kiowa-warrior-aircraft-equipment-and-support


AFAIK it was never used on US Army OH-58Ds nor in an allowed loadout configuration.


Never tested ADAIK on a US Kiowa and for sure never used as part of a weapons load. Interestingly it looks like the Tunisians changed the tail numbers. 

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