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[MISSING TRACK FILE] Left wheel animation while ground braking


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  • 1 year later...

I tested it today.

ANTI SKID switch was in the ANTI SKID position.

The wheels seems to be locked (fully stopped) during full braking.

This is wrong as the anti skid system function is to prevent just that.

It seems as if the anti skid system is operating in pulsating mode.

Skid marks however, do appear, but seem to be alternating between the right and left wheel.

If the right wheel stops (as seen by the skid marks), the aircraft should turn right and if the left brake stops, the aircraft should turn left.

I used the W keyboard command to apply both brakes and the aircraft keeps almost centerline while braking, so I don't understand why it seems like a differntial braking.

Here is a track file.


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