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"Debridging the River Inguri" Mission


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This post is mainly directed at the folks at Heatblur, but any comments are welcome, of course.


I am curious about some aspects of the subject mission. Given the many tasks that must be completed to gain overall mission success, I have been attempting to modify it in such a way that I can recreate the damage done in any given session before starting a new session later on. To that end I have been trying to use the explosion feature within Mission Editor to destroy individual bridge spans. For example, Bridge 3 appears to have five spans that must be destroyed. In the scoring, this is indicated as "A A A A A." I have manually bombed the hell out of that bridge and no matter where I place the explosion trigger zones, and no matter how many, the best I can achieve is "A D D D A." It appears the damage model for the bridge only actually accommodates three spans no matter what, and the very ends of the bridge can't be destroyed.


So, two questions: First, what must be destroyed to accomplish "D D D D D" at Bridge 3 (and presumably all of the other bridges)? Second, can regular folks like me get access to seeing individual bridge spans in Mission Editor, or does that require intimate programming knowledge?




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