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Editing countries

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Hey LOFC People, How do you edit the countries in Lock On?

Just like the mods of Poland and Japan..


I just needed to rename the countries because of my own childish imagination.

Aligning myself with real world countries make me feel the political tag



Anyways please answer my inquiry if you can teach me how.

If you'll just make fun of me go somewhere else ;)


(My Redundancy, posted here since these forums seem to have more people :))

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The easy way to do it is simply to edit the MEIniT file in ME, use wordpad or something to edit it. Scroll down to find the country name you want to change, say it was Denmark, and alter the name bit that says Name="Denmark" to whatever you want it to be. Leave the short name and flag,tga files as they are.


If you do it that way you will then have to go into the FUI file, Common file, Flags and change the Denmark flag to the new country, I just used one of the other flags and changed the colours to the country I wanted and then changed the file name to Denmark, thereby replacing the original Denmark Flag - back up the Flags file first, it comes in handy later when you try to create your new flags. (The reason for changing the flags is so that the right flag shows up in the Mission Editor, step 1 above will change the country name so you need do no more on that score.)


The problem you then have is copying all the aircraft you want into your new country, you have to copy them from wherever they are currently in the MEInit file and that needs great care - if you make a mistake, miss a dot, do something in the wrong place the game will not start so back the MEInit up somewhere before you change anything.


After that it's a matter of changing the aircraft skins etc and that can be very complicated, getting rid of the existing numbers, changing the skins, adding new country logos etc etc - you have to play around with that and as you do you will see how it all works, it does take time.



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