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Hey to all


Im about to upgrade my pc in order to have a better DCS experience. Right now I use a Gigabyte 1060 gamecard which is pretty nice. Despite that my CPU is descent I3 3,3 GhZ, my installed RAM (16Gb) helps me in order to run DCS in an average level since I don't use VR.


I have thought to upgrade my CPU to AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Box with 16gb RAM and the same gamecard. the only thing that I have in mind is if RYZEN 3600 is much better than 2600 and ofcourse if I will be experience a bizzare difference between these two CPU's.



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The system you have sounds well-balanced to me . An SSD would prolly help more than anything . I had a 1060 before upgrading gpu for VR .

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Depends on what you're up too. No such thing as too much CPU for multiplayer. A 2000 series CPU is not optimal for DCS, didn't see any difference in performance between 1700 and 2600. 3600X was a definite step up however. Note, overclocking does not increase single core performance, you really need an "X" to get the most out of DCS.


If money is an issue, get a decent B450 motherboard (~$100) and throw whatever el cheapo CPU you want on there, and upgrade to 3600x later. But don't skimp on memory. Whatever mobo you choose, go on the manufacturers website and find the best RAM you can afford that you know for a fact works with that mobo. 3200MHz at least.


Definitely go for the 500GB SSD. Modules and maps are like pokemon. Gotta get em all.


If money isn't an issue, go intel ;)

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