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DangerDogz Recruiting


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Hello fellow DCSer!


If you're looking to join a multiplayer squad:


a) to teach you all you ever wanted to know (and a great deal more you didn't) about your preferred ride in DCS,


b) with a strict training regimen and attendance criteria


c) with ranks, medals and an autocratic hierarchy


d) with an over-inflated sense of elitism and their own importance


Then steer well clear of the DangerDogz!


We are a relaxed, happy-go-lucky bunch of fellows whose primary goal is enjoyment in combat flight simming and the realisation that that can take many forms.


You turn up when you are able to attend - cos real life get's somewhat inconvenient at times, n'est pas? - with nothing more than a forum post inquiring as to your health and well being if you're not around for a while.


Training is an impromptu affair with some of our experienced guys happy to help out when ever is convenient to you and them. You learn at a pace that suits you and still get to fly combat ops with the squad.


Can't fly formation? No worries! Neither can most of the Dogz! Same for AAR - if you wanna learn then we have some guys who can give you pointers, but there a no minimum requirements - save one. Be a decent kind of fellow.


That's it.


We fly DCS 'officially' on Thursday Night Euro and USA time zone, other nights being dedicated to other contemporary Combat Flight Sims.


That said, you'll often find DCSers moonlighting at other times and I for one am always prepared to flout the official schedule for a bit of DCS goodness.


We have players from all over the world, with healthy Canadian, US and UK contingents but also an Aussie, some Dutchmen, Croations, Romanians, Swedes and Norwegians. Whatever time you are able to find in your life to strap into a DCS cockpit, chances are some of our Dogz will be able to join you.


Drop by, check us out, and say hello. If you think you and the Dogz might be a good fit then simply say so and we'll get you on the roster and flying along with us in no time. We look forward to hearing from you!



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