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Option for "self-centering" Mouse


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I fly on VR exclusively now, and I've mapped 2 buttons of my HOTAS to act as left click and right click, this allow me to interact with the cockpit by looking at switches/buttons/dials, etc...


This works great except for one very minor inconvinience, sometime I forgot to "re-center" the mouse after using it for some elements not easy to look at directly (for example dials in the far left or far right panels), or because I've had to grab the mouse to click something quickly in the heat of combat. When this happens I sometimes need to adopt very uncomfortable head positions to activate something or I need to grab the mouse again an "recenter" the mouse icon.


My wish is, can you enable a tickable option in the menu such that, the mouse is recentered automatically after it dissapears (I think the mouse icon dissapears itself after 2 or 3 seconds)?



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