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[ALREADY REPORTED] FLCS control law & G-onset rate


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In a previous thread about the DCS F-16C's FLCS I noted that the G-onset rate of the DCS version appears quite low compared to real life HUD footage, and that it slows down to a crawl once 7.5 G's is reached, resulting in the aircraft feeling quite sluggish to maneuver. By comparison B** version of the F-16C feels a lot more responsive and seems to match the HUD footage better, i.e. G-onset rate is faster and the aircraft feels more responsive


It seems this isn't the end of the discrepancies however as opon further testing of the DCS F-16C I've noted that its FLCS also does not allow negative -3.0 G maneuvers.


Negative -3 G turns of the real aircraft can be observed here at 1 min 54 sec:




So is this all down to the DCS F-16C module using the NASA FLCS described in TP1538, whilst the BMS version is using the actual operational FLCS of the F-16C ?


If so I think this should be brought to ED's attention ASAP.


Note: I originally posted this on reddit a few days ago, and since I'm able to post again here I thought I ought to repost it here for good measure so everyone can weigh in on this.


To be specific I've expressed in a couple of reddit posts that the G-onset rate feels too slow in the DCS F-16 as compared with HUD footage, pilot anecdotes and another simulator, and then later discovered that negative -3 G is also not possible ingame, and thus I was questioning why this could be.


Other users explained that it might be due to ED using an old NASA FLCS control law from the late 80's (cannot reference document here due to rule #1.16), whilst operational F-16's have been using a different set of FLCS control laws since long before the introduction of the Blk.50 F-16C we have ingame.


That said importantly NineLine wrote the following reply:

"Wags just stated a few days ago that G-onset and how it works in the Viper and other modules is priority work for sure"


So it seems ED is fully aware of the issue and are working on it, which is good.


If anyone has further useful information on the subject please feel free to pitch in.

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I'm going to guess like many other aspects of the F-16... Its WIP.

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