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[REPORTED]Different Flak behaviour between normal server and dedicated server


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DCS World Open Beta

AI behaves different in the same mission, but different server-software type


- Normal client software setup as server

- Dedicated server software



Simple mission setup:


Northern flak group


Group of 6x Flak 36 Average

Group of 12x Flak 36 Average


Southern flak group


Group of 6x Flak 36 Excellent

Group of 12x Flak 36 Excellent


4x Opel Blitz


6 Waves of 4x B-17 at different altitudes overflying flak


1. @ 6km

2. @ 5km

3. @ 6km

4. @ 4km

5. @ 6km

6. @ 3km








- Normal client software setup as server:

Flak attacks Bombers as soon as they are in range.

All waves



- Dedicated server software

Only excellent ai flak attacks all waves, but only after the bombers overflew them; last wave at 3km is attacked just before overflying the flak


average AI attacks only last wave(3km alt) after overflight.



Tracks are also included in the zips, but are useless for reviewing the dedicated server behaviour. As soon as you replay it on a client, the flak attacks again the bombers as soon as they are in range. Tacview shows the behaviour. Set terrain display mode to flat to see the flak in Tacview.




flak test2.miz

Tacview - replay - flak test2 - dedicated server.zip

Tacview - replay - flak test2 - server - render.zip

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  • ED Team

Check they have decent line of sight, if you still have problems attach the mission or track I will check it.


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