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Coolie Hat Up Long not documented


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The current version of the DCS A-10C manual does not make a difference between Coolie Hat Up Long and Coolie Hat Up Short commands.


However, the A-10C module does make that difference (see also).


The manual should be updated accordingly.


Suggestions marked in blue:


Throttles (Page 90)


8. Coolie Hat. Functions according to SOI include:



Up|Short|HUD as SOI

Up|Long|Message Quick Look



HUD SOI Indication (Page 399)


Figure 287. HUD as SOI Indication


To set SOI, you can either select the desired SOI page from OSB 9 – 15, or use the Coolie Hat

functions on the HOTAS:

  • Up Short. Set HUD as SOI


Weapon Delivery (Page 616)


[TABLE]Panel|Controls|Operation|Key Commands


Left console, throttle|Coolie Hat up short|Set HUD as SOI|Press Coolie Hat Up Short


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