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Quick question. I have a pair of Hornets escorting a E2 AWACS. Most of the time they dive in the sea….


- the E2 heads too late to the carrier and runs out of fuel before getting onboard, even if it flying just above the ship.


- the Hornets go to the KC135MPRS but often at least one fails to refuel and usually run out of fuel… as 2 ship flight or 2 seperate Hornets, they can't AAR at the same time, like if the AI could only refuel on the left side.


Any hint on how to configurate the planes ?

i9 9900k, 64 Go RAM, RTX 2080 TI, Warthog HOTAS Throttle & Stick, Saitek Combat Rudder, MFD Cougar, Trackir 5 Pro, (Oculus Rift S when I want some VR)

http://www.twitch.tv/zarma4074 /  https://www.youtube.com/user/Zarma4074 



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