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Ships Not Affected By Unit Emissions Off


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Seems very similar to the thread I posted here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=252432


Ships are not affected by the Unit Emissions trigger action. They will shut down their radar with the "Unit AI Off" action, but this has the side effect of stopping all activity on that ship. If it was moving, it will stop.


This makes it challenging to design a realistic EMCON for a fleet in missions, since you'll always know the bearing of a warship target just from the RWR.


As the SEA mode for the Hornet's radar will be released, we will want missions where we can search for ships without being clued into the correct bearing just by the RWR.


In the attached mission, a "Mission Start" trigger is used. The ship on the left has the "Unit AI Off" action applied while the one of the right has the "Unit Emissions Off" action. You'll notice that the left ship turns off its radar and stops, while the ship on the right keeps its radar on and keeps moving.


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