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Track IR zoom

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I have a weird problem..

TrackIR sometimes zooms in to a plane's hud and stays like that!..

Than i fixes it self. But i dont know what i do to fix it..It sometimes happen on a-10, sometimes mig-29..

Anyone got the same problem?


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There are a couple things that could be causing this

1.) Are there any external light source behind you that could be casuing this. If the trackir detects another (brighter) light source, it will act really weird.


2.) Go into your view.lua file and open it up and tell me your values for these

-- Camera view angle limits {view angle min, view angle max}.

CameraViewAngleLimits = {}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_27] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_33] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_25] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_39] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29K] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iA_10] = {20.0, 120.0}

CameraViewAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iF_15] = {20.0, 120.0}


One time I accidently typed in 20 instead of 120 for one of the aircraft and i always started off really zoomed up.


3. Did you install any recent mods lately that dealt with the zoom that could have caused this problem.


4. If you press center view (by default i believe its f12), the camera will jump back to its normal self. Personally, I didn't really like moving my head front and back to zoom in and out, so I mapped it to my joystick (the X-52 slider). Hope any of these pointers helped.


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Ah I see. Did you install the drivers and program from the cd or did you download the latest off the web.



Update to the latest driver and see if there's still any problems. Also, load up the driver you want and go under view and select tracking. This will show you an IR image of the vector as well as any light source in your background. If there's a lot of interference, it won't function correctly.


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