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HI Guys,


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,


Here’s a few updates on my F-16C CAD Plans and a HUGE DECEMBER ONLY Sale Pricing event.


I have updated the F-16 Aces II Ejection Seat CAD Plans to the Generation 5 Series, so that it now includes the options needed to build the Ejection Seat for the A-10C, F-15C/D/E, F-16C, F-22, and the Bombers B1 and B2.


With the F-16C CAD Plans, I have also reworked the Loft for the Rib Stations and Canopy Sills, to integrate better and be more accurate while being easier to build.


From an available “KITS” standpoint, I have purchased a Shop Saber CNC Router which should be here in Late January or February 2020. I will be Offering FULLY CUT OUT AND READY TO ASSEMBLE KITS, with worldwide shipping. These will be for each of my CAD Plans (P-51D, F-16C, and the F/A_18C). I am currently working on the F-14 and the Spitfire and their CADS Plans and Kits will be available soon.


Pricing to get a complete cockpit kit cut out will be available within about 60 days. I can tell you it will be well below what the CNC Router shops offer, and well below what I have charged in the past to get a kit cutout from a 3rd party vendor. :thumbup: They are CRAZY Expensive! I will also offer custom items so you can get your cockpit exactly as you like it. Stay tuned for more news on this.


If you own my F-16C CAD Plans, then one item you will need is the Vacuum Formed Seat Back and Bottom. These were designed to fit my CAD plans perfectly and I have been selling them for about 10 years. The last group of them sold several years ago. I just ran a new set of Seat Backs and Bottoms, but they are in limited quantity and will go super-fast. If you’re interested in getting them, please send me a PM ASAP as they won’t last long.



The price for the ABS “Black” Vacuum Formed Aces II Seat Backs and Bottoms is 195.00 plus shipping. Just shoot me a “PM” or an email with your shipping address, and I will get you quote that includes shipping with damage insurance ASAP. If you don’t have my email address, just PM me. Here are some pics. The Seat Back and Bottom are Black ABS.





and HERE




Secondly (IF) you have been thinking about purchasing one of my CAD packages, this is the perfect time, as I am offering SPECIAL SALE PRICING NOW for the month of “DECEMBER ONLY”. You can get the CAD package of your choice (P-51D, F-16C or F/A-18C), for just 99.95. That’s a 50.00 savings! If you buy 2 sets, its 175.00 and all three sets together are 225.00


(IF) You PURCHASE A SET OF CAD PLANS TOGETHER WITH the ACES II SEAT BACK AND BOTTOM, you’ll save another 50.00. Total Sale Price is 250.00 - (reg price is 345.00)


If you order the CAD Plans for P-51D or the F/A-18C (99.95 sale price) and you purchase the Aces II Seat Back and Bottom for (195.00 ), I will throw in a copy of the Aces II Ejection Seat CAD Plans for just 50.00.


These Sale Prices are only good through the month of DECEMBER 2019. PM or email me with questions.


The links below have pics of the CAD Plans, Kits, and Built Kits. Enjoy!




and HERE


Please let me know if you have any questions


Stang out

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