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Issue with RoughMet Cockpit Texture


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Hi Guys,


I'm currently working on importing a custom AC + cockpit into DCS and I am having a few issues with the RoughMet map;


1. Roughness map is inverted - looking at the texture the white parts = rough and vice versa. However, when importing into the ModelViewer, the texture is flipped and the parts that SHOULD be white end up being black?

2. The AO map/Red Channel is ignored in the viewer (and in-game).


I have the materials set to "default" in Max, with the following;

Albedo -> Diffuse Color

RoughMet -> Specular Level

Normal -> Bump


I've tried plugging the RoughMet into different channels with no luck, I've tried changing the material values (I'm unsure if this even does anything).


I have the map correctly set-up (Red = AO, Green = Rough, Blue = Met).


Does anyone have any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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