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[INVESTIGATING]DL/L16 PPLI Problem on Red Side

Papa Saubär

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Hello gentlemen,


We frequently noticed that in the DL/L16, the wingman PPLI and in turn the sort lines did not work in the Viper on the RED side.


Please, have a look at the screenshots. Every time, the 2-Ship F-16C spawnend as a group, with hot/cold or airstart from both sides, but it didn’t work only on the RED side. My wingman was a human player, but with a KI wingman the PPLI works..


I also double checked the MIDS and the DL Page on the DED.


Airstart RED



Airstart BLUE




More Screenshots


Coldstart RED



Coldstart BLUE





Furthermore, the DL time is not available on the BLUE side, but it is for RED







Maybe it is a problem from the E-2D? On the 104th PvP server it works for the red side, but they are using E-3A.



Thanks! :thumbup:




Trackfile: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Attcq6zW0_Fbi9E9aHWigIOGRNdn4A?e=wlqcUx

(File is too large for the upload here)


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Seems like it's trying to use GPS time when it's not available (in red team) so it doesn't work. I'll have to check if it's correct that it has to be manually disabled. Thanks!

And yes, the TIME field is blank when it's using GPS time.

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  • ED Team

GPS is not available for the RED side unless you have enabled "unrestricted sat nav" in the mission and your options.


This is due to GPS being a US / NATO asset.




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I hope you could take at least a fraction of the time it took me to spot the bug at all. The missing PPLI is independent of the mission setting (SATNAV On / Off).



SATAL_2019_KRAS-VODY_test.miz is the last SATAL 2019 mission and the SATNAV setting is:






In order to present the problem again, I built two test missions. Please check the trackfiles with my "workaround" - for the mission with unrestricted satnav.


The mission must be tested in multiplayer with at least two players.


Setting for F-16_PPLI_RED_TEST_SATNAV_OFF.miz



Setting for F-16_PPLI_RED_TEST_SATNAV_ON.miz




Please review and reconsider.


Thanks! :thumbup:





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