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Cougar base and Hoffman Simped Pedals


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What would happen to a TM Cougar base if I wired the 2 joystick axis to the pots in the toe brake assembly of some TM TFRP pedals?




Does anyone have any info about Hoffman Simped Pedals, I have the version without toe brakes, it has a split connector with a game port and 1 that plugs directly to the Cougar base.




I recently bought a broken, complete TM Cougar it also came with these Hoffman Simped pedals. I have never heard of them before, but people have told me that they are a really good set of pedals. I don't know which model I have, but they are the version without toe brakes, it has a connector to plug into the Cougar stick base and a game port plug that splits off from it. Does it have to have both connector plugged in to work? Or does the split connectors just give you the options to use it with or without a Cougar?




Again I have this broken Cougar base, the board inside works just fine, the internal brackets for the stick are broken. I really like these pedals, my only complaint about them is the lack of toe brakes. Since I have his Cougar base that has 2 analog axis that are not usable to wire them to act as toe brakes? I also have some TM TFRP pedals that I never use, just mocking things up I disassembled the TFRP pedals, drilled a small hole in the left and right toe brakes and was able to mount them to the Simped pedals. The Simped pedals only have a single M4 screw to mount the foot pedals, so I might have to make another to keep the TFRP toe brake assembly from rotating, but it looks like it would work.




Would it destroy the board in the Cougar base? Would the software recognize them?





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