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Error reporting ... head shaking


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Guys @ED, BigNewy, I have to give you feedback, there is no other way around. This post is definitely not made to offend or bash ED in any sense, nor bringing users to add "+1" in this thread! On a professional level I have to give you the feedback, no matter if you requested for it or not. Time has come, since no movement is noticable to me.


If ED doesn't provide working tools, how should/could I - as a customer - follow your request:

"3- Track files and videos should be short and to the point to display the reported issue."


I know that sometimes you can reproduce things very quickly, but very often this is not possible due to different reasons. "Failures" appear/occur DURING missions, and not right at the beginning. Situations often become quite complex, and it is hard to collect all data "necessary" for bug tracking. TRK files do not work (everyone knows that ... crashing aircraft, wrong events when replaying and all that stuff which drives everyone crazy here). "Jumping" to certain points of the TRK also don't work, and cutting out sequences don't work as well. The forum allows uploading of files with limits in type and size, there is no way of leaving you bigger files via the forum space.


WHEN will ED provide better tools?


Kind regards,


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...Viggen... what more can you ask for?

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