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ME: Missile placement


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Dear ED team,

in order to make it easier to train missile evasion strategies ot just to have more opportunities in mission creation it would be great to be able to place missiles into the mission editor just like airplanes or ground objects with the following adjustable properties:

-Speed and Altitude

-Impact positions (IP) for A-G-missiles or G-G-missiles as waypoint

--This may be tricky but maybe its possible to calculate speed and 3D-direction on WP-0 based on WP-0 and IP...(wind?)

-A target to intercept for active guided A-A and A-G

-Direction of flight (2D like for planes but maybe also 3D?)

-an equivalent to fuel in planes to set the remaining burn time


-and so on....


Would that be possible?


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+1 fantastic idea! :thumbup:


Maybe with suitable trailers modelled we could get them placed as static objects for populating airfields and such with.

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