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Target lock changes to WPT 00 after firing BRM

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I noticed this issue yesterday with the BRM rockets, I lock up a target using the WMD7 pod, roll in and fire at target. As I zoom out and come around for a second run the target remains locked but the SPI changes to WYPT 00. As I come in the target reticle is still on the tank but the SPI has changed and the weapon will not fire. I have to switch to SLV then back to SP on the pod and reacquire the target to fire again. After firing each time I must go through this process in order to fire rockets again. I had not experienced this issue until playing on a MP server yesterday. The attached .trk file is from a SP mission.



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if pod goes out tracking state(AREA/POINT), WCS will lost SPI, and fall back to current waypoint.

internal test did not show this problem, we hope next patch fixed it.





Thanks for the reply LO0p8ack, I did not lose the target track that is why it was strange to me. I have lost track before and understand that it will go back to SPI but that did not happen this time which is why I reported it. Thanks again and I will await the next patch!

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When are we likely to see the next patch? Waiting for WMD7 video update.

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