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2 noob questions

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I have two questions with the F18 so far.


a) I can adjust the trim. but how do I know where it is currently set? I've seen vertical and horizontal lines intersecting on Youtube, but I can't seem to pull this up.


b) My joystick feels ultra responsive, almost to the point where it is hard to control the plane. A slight movement on the stick seems to cause very large deviations in course. I may just need to get used to the controls, but what's the best way to make the stick less responsive / sensitive. I have curvature set to 25 at the moment.


Thank you.

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a) LCtl+Enter should bring up the controls overlay.


b) Hmmm... that sounds wrong alright. With a curvature of 25 you should have somewhat sluggish controls.


Check if you are in Sim or Arcade? Then try a re-calibration of your stick.


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I do have the TM.16000 too. No probs here. I have set the curvature to about to 20 or so. 25 seems ok to me but should be nice and smooth then. Deadone set to 2.


Only with the Eagle I have to push the curvature to 30 or even more.


As long as your sticks works clean, set the curvature at your discretion til you feel comfy. Only if you start doing AA refueling you might get in trouble with the less sensitive settings.

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I'd rather call in a Strike Eagle...

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