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Question on TM Warthog Profiles


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I used to have Saitek X52 Pro, and it would have 3 modes, and make it have 3x more commands with the turning of a number from, 1,2,3.


But with the Warthog, supposedly I can change to a 2nd set of profiles with the toggle switch on the end of the throttle.


Is there a website or somewhere on how to do this like I did with the Saitek. It would be nice, to not be so limited on the buttons and profiles.


Not so bad when I do not need so many profile commands like WWII stuff, but modern need tons of more switches and commands. I was going to ask this a long while back, but didn't have the time. Thanx :joystick:

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Easiest way to do is through the T.A.R.G.E.T GUI (if you want nothing fancy).

Gives you a Graphical User Interface to work with.

The pinky switch on the throttle can (you need to define it) act as a layer toggle.

Forward/Middle/Back (Up/Middle/Down or UMD in the GUI software) positions of the pinky gives you 3 layers to work with.

(there's also the IO (In/Out) layer to work with, combined with the UMD layer gives you even more options).


How to's:

Youtube: i just picked the 2 on top of the search list.






PS: If you don't want to use Thrustmaster software, other options are RSMapper or Joystick Gremlin

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