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[MOOSE] multiplayer ai wingman spawn/de-spawn when player dies/spawns.


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Hello missionbuilders.



I have a question regarding spawning airplanes in multiplayer.

current problem:

If i set a planegroup with 1 or more AI wingman, your AI wingman keep flying the mission when you die.....

If the player re-spawns the 'old' AI wingman are still in the air and the player does not have his wingman to control.


Is it possible in MOOSE to 'bind' the AI wingman to some kind of status of the player? for example...when player dies the AI de-spawn or 'die' too. Then when hit re-fly the player starts with his wingman.

If possible. Can someone guide me in the right direction.



Ps. i have MOOSE setup in ldt as shown in the youtube tutorials.



with kind regards, Naj-Treg

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