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Prety good early release guys :)


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First ...downloading patch at max speed first for me in years..great


case 1 radio comms are ok, just me being slow ..nice :)


Case 3 at night worked, even though I was not all in the game ...again great, just me not dcs


Twitch streamers not flying aoa on approach should be shot ....can't help in time by chat .. ;)

(aoa flying was new to me when we started with hornet landings, so been there done that )


One big thing ....taxiing on the carrier is a god send. Feels better now :)


Brc and radial at night ...again all me but i'll get it if I want ;)


Good job so far boys be proud.


And yes i'll gun you down if u don't get it right :)


I'll get better and report back :)

OS: Win10 home 64bit*MB: Asus Strix Z270F/

CPU: Intel I7 7700k /Ram:32gb_ddr4

GFX: Nvidia Asus 1080 8Gb

Mon: Asus vg2448qe 24"

Disk: SSD

Stick: TM Warthog #1400/Saitek pro pedals/TIR5/TM MFDs


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