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Airborne weapons systems of the year 2007: what's your pick?


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What were for you the most significant airborne weapons systems fielded in 2007?


I see many more candidates than the F-22! Here's my list:


1) Litening / Sniper pod with Rover datalink. Actually transformed CAS, and put a whole new life in a lot of aircraft. It's simple: everyone wants it!


2) A-10. Keeps on mowing around. Made the day of a lot of coalition troops this year.


3) Gripen fighter. Managed to get a lot of export successes due to its magic formula: high tech for a good price. A kind of modern day Mig-21 / Mirage to me. I love it!


3) C-17 cargo aircraft. Obviously one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emmissions of 2007! A real workhorse that actually enables the whole Iraq/Afghanistan efforts.


4) MQ-9 Reaper. The best part is that it clearly transpires that it is NO alternative for the manned fighter. That alone is to me the biggest relief! :D


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