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Video settings for those with older machines

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I read the thread in the bugs section about the FPS drop with the SC. I didn't change any of my settings just for the SC and what I get is pretty stable on a GTX 980 4G. So I wanted to share them to those that may be struggling a bit with the FPS on older cards.


When I am on the deck of the Lincoln in my Hornet, I am getting 40-45 FPS, dipping to 35-40 FPS when looking back towards the island. Flying over water I am in the 70 FPS range, dropping to 55-65 while looking around in the cockpit.


I have an assortment of static objects on deck consisting of 2 parked Hornets aft of the island, the crane, a tug, a parked SH-60 next to the island, 2 LSO's at their station, and the fire cart up forward near cat 1. For animated objects I have a rescue SH-60 flying just off the starboard side. Also have an Arleigh Burke 1 mile off the port side, and another 7 miles ahead. There's a Perry class 4 miles astern, and a Ticonderoga about 2 miles to starboard of the Lincoln.


I do get some screen tearing when panning my head around while on deck, but I don't get any stuttering, or anything that kills my experience. Really digging the SC, the interaction with the deck crew adds a lot more immersion. I do realize I could up my performance with my system by reducing some of my settings, but I am not chasing raw performance. I have what I feel is a good balance between visual aesthetics and frame rate.


Hope this helps my fellow pilots with lower end hardware! :pilotfly:


PC: MSI 990FXA Gaming, FX-8120 3.1 GHz, 32GB Patriot Viper RAM, GTX980 4GB, 27" 1080p curved Samsung monitor, TM Warthog HOTAS, Saitek Pro Flight pedals, Opentrack

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