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AI Taxi Sequencing Issue


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Whatever AI aircraft is parked in spot 14 (based on the top diagram on page 78 of the manual) consistently taxis to CAT 1 for takeoff.


AI aircraft in spot 11 also consistently taxi to CAT 1 for takeoff.


The sequencing of these two spots is also consistent: if the two AI aircraft are started at the same time, spot 14 taxis first.


However, the aircraft in spot 11 will move forward before spot 14 can position on the catapult, and the two collide.


Aircraft type doesn't matter. This happens with both Hornets and Tomcats.


Yes, I can work around this by starting the spot 14 aircraft after the spot 11 aircraft taxis, but I'm reporting it because this is EA/OB, and it seems like something worth fixing.

Very Respectfully,

Kurt "Yoda" Kalbfleisch


"In my private manual I firmly believed the only time there was too much fuel aboard any aircraft was if it was fire." --Ernest K. Gann


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