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the lastest update is showing that i need 42GB of space. i have dcs installed on it's own 250GB ssd. Now even that won't be enough. Even without this update it's already taken 160GB :(

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]AMD x4 B55 @3.6 Ghz/ 4GB ddr2 1066/ ATi 6870 /Saitek X45/Dell 2209wa

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Hmm, 160 plus 42 equals 202 with about 20% space remaining at 250 GB.

You can try removing some modules you don't fly (often) temporary, but in the end moduled maps, features and modules will require more space, for sure.

With the free Marianas, Syria and South Atlantic maps in the pipeline it will happen sooner than later, I guess.



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