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DCS crashes on A-10C module


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Hello guys! I would like to know, whether anyone have same problems with A-10C module.

DCS crashes when I'm flying A-10C in 10 minutes or less. Training missions, quick start, doesn't matter. Any other modules(F-16,AV-8B,Mirage,all belsimtek modules) works just fine.

When it happens, screen just stuck on a few seconds and then I get Windows screen, with no reports or warnings. Few times, when DCS shows crash message, I cant send report, because dialog window is inaccessible.

Whether someone can help, or know solution?

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I don't have this problem. A-10C is working fine.

Which version do you use (OB, stable / steam, standalone)?

Did you try a repair and clean?

Do you use any mods and if so, did you deactivate them?

SYSTEM: Mainboard MSI Z270 Krait | CPU Ryzen 7 5800X @ 4.7 GHz | RAM 32 GB @ 3200 MHz | GPU GIGABYTE RTX 3080 | 1 TB SSD | Win 10 x64

DEVICES: ASUS 27" LCD | TrackIR 5 | LukeClip | HP Reverb G2 & Quest 2 | PointCTRL | Virpil HOTAS | MFG Crosswind | TableMount MonsterTech

MODULES: To much to list. But I stopped buying more, because of too much bugs in e.g. A-10C(II). @ED: Fix the bugs and I spend money on modules again. Promised.

PROJECTS: OpenFlightSchool: DE / EN

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