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Customized Scripts not loading after this update


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I use the missile mod, which modified some of the core missile parameters in the DCS scripts folders, ie. AircraftWeaponsPack/aim7family etc.



You could change these files and the game would load even though the manifest checks failed. This was ok for me and people I play with as we'd all load the same version of the mod.

You can't use this on servers that require pure client and that's geat.



However, as of this last update, lua files that fail the manifest check will not load at all, resulting in payloads that are represented by those files not showing up in the editor.



Was this intentional, and either way, could you make those files load even if they fail please? I understand protecting dlls etc., but these are plain text files and playing around with them is great fun.


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  • ED Team



protection changes made to EDcore my be the issue here.


We have asked the team to look at what can be done.




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