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No drinking at night?

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Hello, I saw an old thread about tanker's lights not coming up. It would not be a problem: I can use NVG. Both s3 and KC130 reply, but the basket is not catching. AI wingman can refuel no problem, the lights come up, hose extends. I tried simultaneous refuel on the right one while he was on the left. Precontact acknowledged, but 1 meter from the basket always 'break away, break away' and the probe just goes through.


I saved many tracks with S3 and KC130, both one- and two-ship flights, but they all: a) miss any tanker lights that I saw with my own eyes, b) miss all communications, c) miss hose animations. So no point to attach. And the AI wingman after 'go to tanker' command sees and hears nothing until he's done (will ram you if you take left hose).


What is going on, really? Just too many bugs here. I am stuck at a certain campaign because I just can't refuel in the dark... (((

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