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Warthog button 5 (master mode) malfunction


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The button 5 on my joystick (master mode button) stopped working. It does not work in games and Windows control panel. At the same time when I press any other button on the joystick it triggers button 5 and it remains ON in Windows controller test panel. I recorded a video that shows what is happening when I press the Gun Trigger button https://imgur.com/a/ZIBABTM. Button #1 lit up but also does button #5. When I release the Gun Trigger, button #1 indicator goes off but button #5 remains ON. The only way to clear button #5 indicator is to unplug joystick and close Windows controller test panel. This happens even after I disconnected one of the cables from the button #5. It makes me believe that button 5 itself is not the problem but something else. Do you have any suggestions how to fix it?


I checked this joystick on another computer without any software and drivers from Thrustmaster (only generic Windows drivers) and behaviour was exactly the same. My PC runs on Windows 10 with all updates installed. The joystick has installed the latest firmware ver. 12 and the latest drivers.

i9 9700K @5.0GHz; 2080 Ti, 32GB RAM. Reverb G2; TM Warthog on VPC WarBRD Base, MFG Crosswind V3


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