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[ALREADY REPORTED]F/A-18 Signal strentgh on RWR way to high (in multiplayer)


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With one of the recent updates the following bug was introduced to with the F/A-18C (at least in multiplayer):


The signal strength of the radar shown on RWR of other aicraft (SPO-15) is way to much.


At a range of 100 km it used to be about 4 bars, but now it shows at a strength of 12 bars, which is way higher.


For comparision: The F-14 has a signal strength of about 10 bars on the SPO-15 at that range.



It would be appreciated if the signal strength could be adjusted to the correct value. I don't think that the F/A-18C radar has more power than the F-14 radar.


Thank you!

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