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VR clarity worse in 2.5.6 compared to 2.5.5


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I'm not sur if this belongs in performance or VR section, but wanted to ask if anyone else has noticed a backward step in VR clarity in 2.5.6?


It most noticable trying to read MFD's which are once again fuzzy, whereas 2.5.5 I had them very legible from normal seating position. It's most noticable in the FA/18 even with the readabilty MOD.


It seems like the same step backward in clarity when deferred shading was introduced.


I would post images, but obviously not easy from a HMD.

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same here, noticed a big change when switching from Windows7 with 2.5.5. to 2.5.6 under Windows 10. Picture is wobbling around, and fuzzy lines appear when the system is going under 45 frames.

All in all the whole experience in 2.5.5. was much "cleaner", can't find other words for describing it.

Hopefully 2.5.7 will be MUCH better in terms of quality and cleaniness, 2.5.6 is a nightmare for me regarding cleaniness.

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